Hotel Prefort, new stylish modern hotel
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About Reservation

What is check in/check out time?
Check in is at 3:00 pm and check out is at 10:00 am the next morning.
Can I extend the checkout time?
Available up to 12:00 noon.
In that case, an additional fee of JPY500 per person will be charged per hour from 10:00 am.
When can I make a reservation?
We accept reservations for 5-6 months ahead including the current month.
When extending the period (monthly), it is generally done at the beginning of the month, but it may change depending on the reservation status.
Is there a waiting list if the hotel is fully booked?
Unfortunately, we do not have a waiting list.
Is it okay to check in late?
The last check-in is at 0:00 am.
Is it possible to check in before 3:00 pm?
Available upon availability.
In that case, a normal check-in time of 3:00 pm will be charged JPY 500 per person per hour.
If you arrive early, we can keep your luggage in advance.

About front service

Do you keep my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
Yes, We will keep your luggage. Please feel free to tell us.
Is it possible to send my luggage from the hotel?
Yes. Yamato Transport (cash on delivery) is available. We also sell packaging materials.
Is it possible to send my luggage in advance of my stay?
″the name of the guest″
2-6-10 Kokubo, Akashi City, Hyogo
673-0005 Japan
Hotel Prefort Nishi Akashi
TEL: +81(0)78-929-8331
Is there a cleaning service?
Yes, there is. (Except holidays)
If you bring it to the front desk by 9 am, you can pick it up after 6 pm.
Is there a copy or fax service?
・ 1 copy, black and white JPY 10, color JPY 50
・ Up to 5 faxes are available from JPY 30 (same for both sending and receiving).
Is there a computer rental available?
You can borrow it for JPY 1,000 a day. (The number is limited)
Do you clean up for consecutive nights ?
Yes. Cleaning is available until 12:00 noon. Please inform us in advance
when you specify the cleaning time.
Please ask in advance for customers who do not require cleaning.
Even in such cases, we can exchange towels and replenish amenities.

About parking

Is there a parking ?
There is a partner parking nearby
Affiliated parking (1) Pre-park: JPY 1,000 / night for hotel guests
Partner parking ② Nishi-Akashi Park Platz II: Free for hotel guests
* There is a parking for disabled people in the hotel. Please contact the front desk for details.
Check parking information

About hotel overview

Can I use the internet in my room?
Yes. Wireless Wi-Fi connection is available free of charge in all rooms.
Are there conference rooms, Japanese-style rooms and public baths??
Do you have vending machines and ice machines?
There is a free coffee server on the 2nd floor lobby, and
alcohol and soft drink vending machines and ice machines on the 4th floor.
Is there a coin laundry?
Yes. There is a laundry corner on the 5th floor.
Tell me about security
A room key is required when using the elevator from the first floor to the guest room floor.
The entrance is locked from 1:00 am until 5:00 am the next morning. (If you hold the room key, it will be unlocked.)
Are there any facilities that can be used in wheelchairs?
There is a multi-purpose toilet on the second floor.
Can I smoke?
Smoking is prohibited in the lobby and guest rooms. There is a smoking space on the 3rd floor.
Are there any paid broadcasts?
Yes, there is a VOD (video on demand) service that you can watch for free.
How big are the rooms?
There are 5 types of rooms from 18㎡ (about 10 tatami mats) to 24㎡ (about 15 tatami mats). (The size includes the bathroom)
Check room details
Are there separate bathrooms and toilets?
There is a bathroom with a washing place and a separate wash basin and toilet.
Is there a free coffee or drink service?
Yes, there is. The 2nd floor lobby lounge has a coffee machine where you can drink freshly ground coffee for free
Is there a safety box in the room?
Valuables will be kept at the front desk. Depending on the type and size of the product, it may not be accepted. Please note.
Is it possible to put an extra bed?
No extra bed is available

About meals

Do you have breakfast?
Yes. The first floor restaurant serves breakfast.
Can I have breakfast without staying at the hotel?
Yes. You can use breakfast service

About guests with the children

Can children share a bed with me?
Children under elementary school age will be provided free of charge.
Double rooms are limited to 1 child, Twin rooms are limited to 2 children.

About payment

When should i pay?
We ask you to pay in advance. Please pay at check-in.
I am not the guest, can I pay?
We accept payment by bank transfer or payment (cash or credit card).
In both cases, please contact us in advance.
Can I use a credit card?
Electronic money is not available.
Can you issue a receipt that includes the accommodation and breakfast charges?
Yes, it's fine. We will issue it.
Please tell me about the cancellation fee
We have received a cancellation fee from the cancellation the day before the reservation date.
Cancellation on the previous day will be 20% of the scheduled usage amount, 80% on the day, 100% if not staying without contact.

About access

About access
In front of JR Nishi-Akashi Station. Please Check the access page for details.
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