Hotel Prefort, new stylish modern hotel
near Nishi-Akashi Station



By train

  • 30 minutes walk from JR Nishi-Akashi Station West Exit (Shinkansen Exit).
  • About 20 minutes by Limited express train from JR Sannomiya Station / Himeji Station
  • About 10 minutes by Shinkansen from Shin-Kobe Station / Himeji Station
  • About 20 minutes by Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Station

By car

Information for guest parking

The hotel parking is exclusively for wheelchairs and work vehicles.
For the hotel guests, please park at the following location and present a parking ticket at the front desk.

Partner parking ①

Pre park [Next to the hotel]

2-6-9 Kokubo, Akashi City, Hyogo 673-0005

For hotel guests JPY 1,000 / per night
For restaurants 
JPY 2,500 for 1 hour, JPY 5,000 for 2 hours

* Additional charges will be incurred if the above time is exceeded (JPY 100/per 20 minutes)


Partner parking ②

Nishi-Akashi Park Platz II [about 2 minutes on foot]

2-7-3 Kokubo, Akashi City, Hyogo 673-0005

Free for hotel guests

Parking time (maximum) 16:00 to Next 12:00
* Up to 2.1m height limit

Access from Nishi-Akashi Park Platz II Hotel

  • ① Please go straight on your left

  • ② Please turn right at the end

  • ③ Please go straight, go overpass and turn right with the signboard on your right

  • ④ Please follow the road and turn right

  • ⑤ There is a partner parking on the right

(Walking) From Nishi-Akashi Park Platz II

  • ① Please leave the parking and go to the right

  • ② Please go to ”止まれ (Road sign meaning "stop")” on your left

  • ③Please cross the Kokubo intersection toward Kobe

  • ④ Please go to Nishi Akashi Station on the left

  • ⑤ Please go straight and pass overpass to arrive